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Dog Training 2. Lea presents her friend Princess Paris when she comes to go to these at home, her slave Joschi. You demonstrate her Joschi which she has got of a lady who has complained about its naughtiness. This lady has it passed Joschi on to Lea with the request for her as of to go. Lea has trained it to her human dog next to once. Paris in front of and hers leads her friendly one now, what everything can do with it, she for what he is good and how he already makes to himself as a dog. Paris lets itself be seen what little contentedly sees it and decides on it to take just also into the hand himself. Joschi then must execute the orders of its owner Princess Paris at the cord held. The two finally train it dominatrix have young together to the perfect little dog.. Lady Glasya and Princess Blondessa have trained their doggy Joschi for feeding.. When it barks and begs on its knees it gets some goodies ? old chips and solettis crushed by the noble ladies´ high heels and served in the dog bowl. Led on the leash very tightly Joschi has to eat all things that it gets from the beautiful, sadistic, divine ladies in kneeling doggy style position.. Sadistic Princess Nicoletta directed her slave Joschi from the dog.. Mistress Nina Devil educates her slave girl Anna to her puppy dog. Doggie Anna has to make males, roll, eat from the bowl and be transformed into a real good dog. The viewer is also involved.. Mistress Ronja and Lady Lucy are showing off their dog in the wood. They want to have fun with him there, but he turns out to be a lame old boring mutt. Again and again, they throw out sticks that Old Grandpa Doggy Tomi has to fetch constantly. Totally out of breath, he must then comply with all their commands: make room, make males, fit, etc. But he is simply an old boring useless mutt! And is therefore. he will be verbally loudly humiliated by the two young impudent brats all the time verbally insulted and spit.. Lady Morgana is training her Dalmatian doggie to get her ready to go out. The puppy must learn different rules and behaviors and, since he is not always well behaved, must also feel his limits..

Genres: Amateur, Amateur Fetish, BDSM, Femdom - F on M, Femdom (Female Domination), Fetish, Humiliation, Pro-Am

Genre: Porn Movies

Director: Femdom-Austria

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