Watch Stepdad’s Secret Stash! Porn Online Free


Watch Stepdad’s Secret Stash! Porn Online Free

Watch Stepdad's Secret Stash! Porn Movie Online Free

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Stepdad’s Secret Stash!

I’m so sick of getting locked out of my own house, I either forget to grab my keys or I lose them constantly. Of course sis comes home right after me and she forgot her keys too! I can’t believe this is happening! And I thought Dolly was supposed to be the responsible one in the family!

Ugh this sucks!

I know I guess we have to wait for Mom and Dad to get home

Do you know when they’ll be back?

No clue sis, probably not for a couple of hours

This is so lame! How did we both forget our keys on the same day??

Lol welcome to my life sis, I’ve spent a lot of time waiting around out here for someone to come home and let me in

Haha wow that sucks. What do you when you’re sitting out here?

Well I found Dad’s stash out here last week, wanna see?

I reveal Dad’s hiding spot to sis and show her the half dranken bottle. There was nothing else for us to do, so we took turns sipping our father’s hidden booze. Dad is definitely way better off when he is sober, but I’m more than thankful for finding his secret stash! Before we knew it, the moonshine was kicking in pretty hard.. I might have given sis a little bit too much, but she’s definitely enjoying herself!

Now that sis is all loosened up, she’s ready to relax on the couch. As she goes to take a seat, her dress slightly lifts up, exposing her bright green panties! I know it’s not right, but I couldn’t help myself but stare! My pants suddenly become a little bit tighter around my waist… Sis didn’t feel my gaze fixated on her crotch, I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of her! Being the considerate younger brother that I am, I had to tell her that I got more than just a glimpse at her cute lacy thong..

Omg that’s so embarrassing! Did you see my panties?!

What’s the big deal? Look I’ll show you mine that way we’re even!

-Sis notices my bulging hard on in total shock-

Umm are you hard right now!?

Sorry sis, but those panties look so good on you! Come on, I know you want to touch it

We should not be doing this…

Have some fun for once in your life!

But you’re my brother, this is wrong..

Don’t be shy now sis, not after flashing your goods to the whole neighborhood!

I don’t know.. What if someone sees?

Don’t worry, no one can see us back here..

My sister was hesitant at first; but after she felt how hard I was, she couldn’t keep her hands off of me! I had no idea how good sis was at giving head… I wanted to bust inside her mouth so bad, but there was so much more to be done before Mom and Dad get home!

Sis gets on top and starts bouncing her fat white ass on my big throbbing cock! Watch her completely let go as I fill her tight pussy up with my thick 8 inch cock.. I take total control and flip sis onto her back. She begs me to fuck her harder, so I cram every inch of my thick cock deep into my sister’s soaking wet cunt!

Watch me pound my older sister while we wait for our parents to get home from work.. I felt her pussy pulsate on me and we both came at the same time! Although, I did manage to drench my sister’s bush and wet pussy lips with my sticky white load, I may have pulled out a few pumps too late!

Uhhh you’re on birth control, right?

What?! No! Did you cum in me??

Maybe just a little bit… Sorry about that

What if I get pregnant!?

I apologized! Let me take you to the store and I’ll buy you Plan B

Omg fine.. But you better not tell anyone about this bro!

I swear, no one will find out!

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